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In 1984 an idea was born: empower medical professionals with the ability to quickly and easily perform non-invasive nerve conduction tests at the point of care (POC). That objective went from concept to reality through a collaborative effort between NeuMed and the University of Iowa. Decades later, NeuMed is proud of this pioneering accomplishment as well as the commitment to design excellence and innovation.

From our strong understanding of neurodiagnostic science, electrical engineering, and embedded software systems NeuMed has been recognized for its accuracy, reliability, and efficacy by a multitude of prestigious institutions. The traditional (or conventional) nerve conduction methodology is simply the most trusted in medicine and has always been the foundation of NeuMed's NCS-Monitors. Our technology is used globally by skilled physicians for its accurate and reliable results.

The same innovative spirit that drives our diagnostic products and services has been applied to the development and manufacturing of textile electrodes as well. For patients in need of a pain relief solution in the low back, cervical region, shoulder, hand, elbow, knee, or foot, the product of choice for over 10 years has been our full line of TheraKnit textile electrodes. Through an array of conductive braces, garments, and wraps, providers can conservatively treat patients with pain using form fitting products that offer comfort and relief in small to large treatment areas.

From those early days to the present, NeuMed continues to design, develop, and manufacture innovative products and services that advance the quality of patient care around the world.

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